The beautiful Kinnitty Castle Co.Offaly

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A fabulous venue close to home where Theresa Larkin have performed several times. Kinnitty Castle Hotel is a gothic revival Castle located at the foothills of the Slieve Bloom Mountains in County Offaly, in the heart of Ireland.

Kinnitty Castle Co.Offaly
Kinnitty Castle Co.Offaly

The Castle has had a long and turbulent history. The first Castle at Kinnitty was destroyed in 1209 and was later rebuilt by the Norman’s in 1213.

Later the Norman’s were driven out by the powerful Gaelic clan, the O’Carrolls of Ely. During the Norman period an Augustinian Abbey was established near the castle of, which the famous High Cross and Abbey Wall still remain on the estate.

In 1630 William O’Carroll built a new Castle in close Proximity to the old Abbey. This was confiscated in 1641 by the English forces as part of the plantation of Offaly, or ”Kings County” as it was renamed. In 1664, the crown granted an estate, which included the Castle to Col. Thomas Winter as reward for military service. Kinnitty is a village in County Offaly, Ireland.

1013558_10151503880671304_641456699_nIt is located 13 km east of Birr Co.Offaly. The village derives its name from the myth that the head of an ancient princess is buried beneath the village, Ceann being Irish for head and Eitigh being the name of the princess. The village is situated at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains in the ancient kingdom of Éile, and is served by two pubs , two churches, a post office and some shops. Uniquely there is a pyramid shaped tomb in the grounds of the town’s Church of Ireland church. The pyramid was built by the Bernard family who resided in Kinnitty Castle, which they built on the site of St. Finnians monastery, the high cross of which is still situated on the site. From 1955 to 1985, Kinnitty Castle hosted a Forestry Training College.